Group Therapy

What is group therapy?
Group therapy (here the word ‘therapy’ is used to cover both counselling and psychotherapy) is exactly as it suggests – therapy which occurs within a group context.
It’s rather different to individual therapy because of the dynamics that occur being part of a group, but research has shown it to be just as successful as individual therapy.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

  • Often cheaper than individual therapy.
  • Can be really helpful in alleviating feelings of isolation and struggling alone. It’s normal to feel that you’re the only one who’s struggling with something, or that your emotions are so extreme that no one else could possibly feel as badly as you do. Sharing your experience with others, and hearing them talk about similar issues and feelings, can often be a huge relief.
  • Often feelings experienced in the ‘here-and-now’ of the group can relate to your previous relational experiences (the ‘there-and-then’). The other group members can offer honest and supportive feedback in how they experience you, which can help you to effect changes in how you experience and behave with other people.
  • Because of the diversity of the group members, many different ideas can be shared about how to do things differently. A group can be really useful in supporting you to change and encouraging you when things get tough. Research has shown that personal change is easier when you have social support rather than going it alone.
  • There are group guidelines of conduct that everyone agrees to abide by and take responsibility for. This, together with a skilled facilitator, help to ensure that your experience of group therapy is safe and supportive.

How this group works

  • The group meets at my office in Edgbaston.
  • The fee for each session is fixed at £20. There are 2 places at £15 for people who are on a low-income.
  • It’s an ‘open group’ which means new members are welcome, subject to place availability.
  • The group is small and kept to a maximum number of 10 members.
  • New members are asked to commit to a minimum of 12 weeks attendance.

How to join

If you are interested in joining please contact me in the first instance. I endeavor to arrange a brief phone conversation before inviting you to attend an individual assessment session where we can collaboratively discuss whether joining the group would be right for you. The assessment session will last about one hour and there is a cost of £60 for this.

Please note that, because of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, I am not currently running the group at the moment.  I plan to start running the group in September 2021 and this will be on Thursday evening, from 7-8:30pm.  If you think you might be interested, do contact me to register your interest.